We’ve been giving you updates for all the new DVD’s but soon we will be adding all our new materials lists so you can place your reserves at the earliest convenience. Here is a peek at the new YA fiction to hit our shelves.
Empty By Walton, K. M.

Crash By McMann, Lisa

Zom-B Underground By Shan, Darren

Vortex: A Tempest Novel By Cross, Julie

Slated By Terry, Teri

Shades of Earth By Revis, Beth

Second Chance Summer By Matson, Morgan

Road Trip By Paulsen, Jim

Rise By Cremer, Andrea R.

Revolution 19 By Rosenblum, Gregg

Prodigy: A Legend Novel By Lu, Marie

My Name Is Parvana By Ellis, Deborah

Love and Other Perishable Items By Buzo, Laura

Lawless: Book 1 By Salane, Jeffrey

The Good Braider: A Novel By Farish, Terry

Gates of Paradise: A Blue Bloods Novel By De la Cruz, Melissa

Full Moon Kisses: A Full Moon Novel By Schreiber, Ellen

Everbound: An Everneath Novel By Ashton, Brodi

Dr. Frankenstein’s Daughters By Weyn, Suzanne

Doomed By Deebs, Tracy

Catherine By Lindner, April

Altered By Rush, Jennifer

Ali’s Pretty Little Lies: A Pretty Little Liars Prequel Novel By Shepard, Sara


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