Find the next great book and TAKE OUR POLL! If you’re not sure where to find your next read, check out some of these resources.

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 1.51.02 PMABC Book Review Podcast is cohosted by Beth Hatch, our Virtual Services Manager. She and her fellow collegue, Cari Dubiel, get on the mic and chat about their current favorite, and not so favorite, books. The podcast was rated by Wall Street Journal Online’s Best Book Podcasts. Find them on iTunes or visit their website http://www.abcbookreview.com.

Books & Authors is a really good search tool that helps you find new things to read. You can search by your favorite genre (mystery, romance, and more) or author. You can also find out what’s new and what’s coming soon. Review recommended books picked by librarians and write your own reviews and assign ratings.

GoodReads is an interactive site that centers around books and readers. You can connect to your Facebook account and share the books you’re reading. Once you add books you’ve read, GoodReads creates recommendations based on your reading preferences and ratings. You can comment on books part way through and share on Facebook. You can participate in the “2013 Reading Challenge” where you set a goal for the amount of books you would like to read this year. Find friends and see what they’re reading and recommend books to others. Check out our Virtual Services Manager and ABC Book Review Podcast host’s favorite books:

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 1.41.11 PM

Novelist Plus is one of librarians’ favorite websites. It’s comprehensive database that includes recommendations, articles, and lists for your fiction and nonfiction needs. Find reading recommendations from professional librarians and read-alikes for every title, author and series.

If you have other ways of finding new books to read, we’d love to hear about them! Take the poll below to share.


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